All Term Bookings will Be Charged Weekly

Collaborative Learning

Learning alone is not for everyone. Some students will benefit from working collaboratively with other students to solve problems, learning new content and master skills. The actions of talking about content and process being taught and re-explaining them to peers often helps students to concrete information in their minds and assists them in memorising the information for a far longer period of time.

Cost Effective Per Student

As the cost of group bookings are split equally between all students, group bookings can work out to be a cost-effective solution for families who don’t want or can’t afford to pay for a one-on-one session. Group bookings still include the same resource types, amounts and quality for a more affordable price.

Peer Support

Learning happens inside and outside of the classroom; just the same as revising and practicing will happen inside and outside of tutorial sessions. Students who complete a group booking with a friend may be able to work with that friend outside of tutoring to continue practicing and revising using the information, skills and resources taught during tuition. The encouragement from a friend who also completed the session can also boost students’ confidence so that they feel more comfortable about the tutoring experience.

Group Booking Request Form

    Additional Student #1

    Additional Student #2

    Additional Student #3

    Additional Student #4

    Next Steps

    Step 1

    You will receive a copy of your group booking request to your provided email address with a booking request reference number.

    All other parents / carers will receive a copy of the request to ensure everyone is on the same page and to advise them of what happens next.

    Step 2

    We will review your group booking request and match the session type, days, and times with our availability.

    If there are any issues with the availability requested, we will be in contact with the main contact parent / carer – the person who made the booking request.

    Step 3

    Once availability is determined we will create a group booking on our booking system which you can access through our website. A direct link will be emailed to all parent / carer whose emails were provided in the request form so that everyone can easily locate the relevant group booking.

    Step 4

    All parents / carers will need to follow the link to complete the booking and payment process for their child. It is important that the booking and payment process is completed individually and not by one central contact as specific information is needed regarding the needs of each individual student to maximise the learning process and ensure the tutor meets student needs.

    Step 5

    Once all students are enrolled and have paid for the session, booking is complete. All parents / carers will receive a booking confirmation email including an invoice.

    Students and parents / carers will receive access to a Google Drive folder prior to the session. Parents / carers and students will also receive a calendar invite as a reminder for the session booking. For online sessions the calendar invite for students will include the zoom link to attend the session.

    What If . . . ?

    If a student no longer wishes to participate before the booking link has been emailed to parents / carers then no worries, just email us at the email address provided at the bottom of this page and quate the reference number you received in your booking request email. The group booking will be adjusted to reflect accurate pricing for the new number of students. Note there will be a slight price increase per student as there are less people to share the cost.

    If a student no longer wants to participate after the booking link is live and some students have paid for the session, a $50 cancellation fee will be charged to the student who no longer wishes to participate. This fee is to cover the additional administrative costs of updating the booking and notifying parents / carers of the cost change. This fee also covers the cost of the slight price increase between what students have already paid compared to the new price.

    Email us at the email address provided at the bottom of this webpage and quote your booking request reference number received when your booking request was emailed to you. The group booking will be adjusted accordingly. If some students have already registered and paid online, refunds can be given for the difference between the old cost and new cost.

    If you requested a specific session type on a certain day and time, but that session is not available in the tutor’s schedule, we will work with you to find an alternate time and day. The tutor is somewhat flexible in being able to move around unbooked session types to meet your request. In this situation, we will be in touch with the primary booking contact directly via email to discuss this situation. Selecting a range of days and times in your booking request will help us to ensure we can meet your availability.