All Term Bookings will Be Charged Weekly


We can currently offer Year 7 -10 Science in all curriculum strands and Year 11 and 12 ATAR Chemistry, Human Biology and Psychology.

Yes, we offer in person tutoring for students located in the Karratha local area.

Yes, we offer group bookings upon request. For year 7 – 10 students there is a maximum of 5 students per group with a $40 charge per additional student. For year 11 and 12 students there is a maximum of 4 students per group with a $50 charge per additional student. Group bookings can be arranged for any of session types and lengths.

We do not currently offer ATAR exam preparation as an intensive and specific type of tutoring that can be booked. We are aiming to have this on offer for the 2025 school year. Exam preparation techniques and content revision is currently incorporated into regular tutoring for year 11 and 12 students.

No. While term bookings offer better value for money in the long term, it is not for everyone. We also offer casual bookings where you are free to book a session ‘here and there’ as you need it. You can also use casual bookings to book a small number of sessions in a row leading up to big assessments or when you are facing a particularly difficult topic. Casual bookings are available for all session formats and lengths.

Our tutoring is offered on a no lock in commitment basis. You are free to cancel your term booking when ever you like. As stated in our terms of service however, a cancellation fee is applied to cover the cost of lost income for the tutor, administrative costs associated with cancelling the booking and processing your partial refund and to account for time spent on any resources or planning that may have already been completed for you. The cancellation fee for a term booking is equal to the cost of one session. If you have paid upfront for your booking, a partial refund will be issued for the remainder of the funds. If you are paying weekly, one payment will be taken at the cancellation of your booking and then no further payments will be issued.

All students will continue to have access to your Google Drive after your tuition has finished for a period of 3 months. Students who completed a term booking will also be issues with a USB containing all your tutoring resources at the end of your booking so that you will continue to have access after you can no longer access the Google Drive. The USB will contain copies of all the PowerPoints, worksheets, marking keys, printable resources, revision tasks and practice tests we use throughout your tuition sessions as well as scanned copies of any work you completed physically if you completed in person tutoring. For online students, the USB will contain all original copies of your tutoring materials and will be posted to you at the conclusion of your booking.

Definitely! As someone who completed several science ATAR subjects in year 11 and 12, I understand the need to pay attention to all your subjects and the stress of trying to choose what to focus on. To eliminate some of that stress, you can book sessions with us in two or even three ATAR subjects at the same time. This could mean you have two term bookings where you engage in tutoring twice a week perhaps once for chemistry and once for human biology. As an alternative we could organise a term booking for you at the same time each week, but we focus on each of your subjects fortnightly. Odd weeks we might do chemistry, even weeks we might do human biology. This could be a great option to cut costs so that you are not paying for two whole term bookings if that is a concern for you.

Full details for the provision of tutoring services by Science Support WA can be found in our terms of service. The terms of service can be found at the bottom of all of our webpages and is attached in the booking form on our website. You will need to agree to these terms of service for your booking to be confirmed. Our terms of service cover a wide range of information in detail including our scope of service, privacy policy, child protection and safety policy, payments policy, user content, additional fees and code of conduct for the educator, parents / carers and students.