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Science Resources For Teachers

For teachers, we aim to make your lesson prep easier, less time consuming and less stressful. You may be an experienced teacher looking to spice up your resource repertoire or you might be a graduate teacher who does not have the time to spend making resources from scratch as you get to know the curriculum, get to know your students, learn behaviour management and the other 10 billion things you need to learn on the go in the first term alone.

With the current teacher shortages, it is possible that you are someone teaching science out of area. This can be scary when you don’t have the resources ready to go, you have never run a science experiment and don’t know what teaching points and skills need to be emphasised. Accessing our resources can give you a head start so you can walk into the classroom with confidence, knowing that you are teaching to the curriculum, providing valuable science learning experiences and meeting the learning needs of most of your students.*

Our teacher resources will offer a range of worksheets, PowerPoints, practice tests and marking keys, lesson plans, printable resources, and course guides for each strand of the science curriculum in year 7 – 10 and each topic in ATAR chemistry, human biology and psychology. You will be able to purchase and download individual resources are select one of our package options. Teacher resource packages will include all student resources and teacher only resources.
* Always ensure that you differentiate resources to meet the specific learning needs of students in your classroom.

Our resource store is currently under construction.

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